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1 - Into The Wild
Year 2XXX on Earth.
The story began with her familiar dream - Tropical jungle, echoing sound of birds and monkeys, and an enormous abandoned metallic cocoon in the morning mist ... But every time her hand almost touches the entering button, she awakes with an overwhelmingly nostalgic feeling.
So after having the same dream, It was another grim rainy grey morning for Masumi, an experimental prototype replicant girl, to find herself again in a tiny recharge capsule. Masumi has smooth pale coloured skin, almond shaped brown eyes and shoulder length curly black hair which her creator copied from his daughter who was killed in a surreal accident during archaeological site research. The site was called Zacca 33 in ancient times where it functioned as a base specialized in cryptocurrency mining and was also secretly developing Dahara, a portal gate to another realm. But when ancient civilisation went down Zacca 33 site was abandoned and then swallowed up by the jungle as the earth's surface temperature rose aggressively.

Now Zacca 33 was entirely covered by a luminous toxic moss that grows by eating radiation from dozens of crippled nuclear plants scattered around the nearly destroyed continent.

Far away from Zacca 33, Masumi lived in CORAL - Where the neon coloured residential micro-spheres rose up vertically and thousands of layers were stretched out to the horizon. From the outside it may look pretty but each sphere was closely monitored by AI government Quantum 9 and living conditions were dark and suffocating. CORAL had been protecting humans and replicants both from still-deadly radiation for hundreds of years after the catastrophic event caused by a radical pole shift. CORAL was sustaining itself with Xavda technology in which the constant activity by artificial synapses were the essential source of energy. In CORAL, nearly all humans were considered as replaceable commodities except for a few shameless traitors who sought to deprive humans of their power. Xavda extraction and system operations were largely conducted by replicants who would also be terminated after their certain usage time, but Quantum 9 had been successfully created by a deep division between humans and replicants where both sides were only existing to sustain the system. Masumi never went outside from this draining eco-system as far as her memory chip could trace back.

One fateful morning, Masumi was approached by Veck, a human resistorance who belonged to an organisation that fights with Quantum 9 to change the ongoing system. Veck told her that she was designed to awaken others - human and replicants both - by her creator which was a father of also Vecks’ father.

For Veck, Masumi was a holographic emotional trigger which activated his trauma caused by seeing his younger sister evaporated in front of his eyes. Despite his inner struggle, He believed she was capable of accessing the memories from his deceased sister, who was a prodigy that was just about reveal the secret of Dahara and Xavda technology, which was still little known to humans.

Masumi decided to follow him into the unknown, in the hope of meeting her creator. So ... Veck and Masumi hijacked a vehicle and fled into the wild ......

To be continued ...


from Congas Atlas EP, released July 23, 2021
Written and produced by Gabriel Masurel & Yukimi Yonezawa
Mastering by Gregg Janman - Hermetech Mastering, Milan
Cover, layout & design by Supercozi
Published by Big Life/Painted Word Music 2021
℗ & © Liquid Sound Design 2021


all rights reserved



Liquid Sound Design London, UK

In 1998, Youth (Martin Glover) decided to set up, LSD - Liquid Sound Design as Dragonfly's sister label, specialising in chilled out soundscapes, sonic beats and mellow grooves. LSD was as natural progression for Dragonfly keen to create an outlet for more experimental and down-tempo music as well as satisfying the demand for the post club chill out sounds. ... more

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