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2 - Narrow Escape

After a half-day flight journey, Veck and Masumi landed on the island where the Dacca 33 site still remains. They walked through the jungle in a heavy rain and Masumi was astonished at seeing graceful ancient Asian temples and derelict towns with ancient Asian alphabets board signs everywhere. She also noticed that she hadn't fallen ill despite her lack of radiation protective clothing. Veck informed her that the radiation level had drastically decreased on this island in the last 9 years, because the Dahara portal had somehow begun cleansing the air and water, by sending unknown infrasonic low-frequency sound - waves from inside of the Dacca 33 site.

Veck brought Masumi into the 'City' where the fractal shaped buildings were well hidden under the jungle surface and behind huge waterfalls and artificial lakes. Veck introduced Masumi to his people the ' Nanmo ', Tens of thousands of rebels, a mix of both renegade humans and replicants who believe that Dacca 33 is not just a myth and that help will come from another realm to attenuate radioactivity across all the Earth and overthrow the domination of Quantum 9, if the Dahara portal is fully activated.

Masumi asked the whereabouts of her creator, but Nanmo leaders told her that Professor Kun, Veck’s father, had been taken hostage years before by Quantum 9 after he had successfully entered the Dacca 33 site with his 17 year old math-genius daughter Masumi and Veck, who was 20 back then and had just completed various engineering trainings with outstanding scores. Veck remembered that his sister had broken the code to activate Dahara, but then got dissolved into the spiral-shaped wormhole after the explosion.

Shocked by this revelation, Masumi blamed Veck for not informing her sooner in CORAL. But Veck confessed that he couldn't as he feared Masumi wouldn’t have come with him if she knew her creator actually wasn’t on the island.

Strange things began to happen to Masumi from that night on. She started receiving coded messages day and night but couldn't figure out what they meant. She told Veck that maybe human Masumi was still alive and trying to contact her, but Veck remained convinced that no human being could survive such an incident, making this contact impossible.

The Nanmo city council formed a task force with skilled rebels along with Veck and Masumi for a mission to enter Zacca 33 to fully activate the Dahara portal, but on the same day the Quantum 9 army attacked the city after they tracked down Masumi’s location.
Meanwhile in CORAL, an army of resistance has also risen and attempted to disconnect the artificial synaptic network that controls Quantum 9 and CORAL. This orchestrated revolution was possible because CORAL rebels and Nanmos had been secretly collaborating for years.
Many members of both groups were largely influenced and educated through the information, data and words of wisdoms imparted in a digital book written by Professor Kun after he escaped from Quantum 9. He created Masumi's replicant shortly after his escape to an underground bunker under the protection of rebels but disappeared after completing her. Nobody knew where he went because he chose to be forgotten from the world, as he kept blaming himself for the loss of his daughter, all for the sake of his research.

The attack by Quantum 9 kept going strong. While the City held its ground and fought back, the task force successfully entered the Zacca 33 site with Masumi's help. Then in front of the Dahara portal facility, Masumi received the last piece of code from the akashic records of human Masumi and finalized the activation process.

The Dahara was activated at last.
The portal began to open.
Non-earthly entities immediately noticed the distress call from the blue planet across the universe, despite the tens of thousands of light-years distance.
Responses from them started poured in...

To be continued.....


from Congas Atlas EP, released July 23, 2021
Written and produced by Gabriel Masurel & Yukimi Yonezawa
Mastering by Gregg Janman - Hermetech Mastering, Milan
Cover, layout & design by Supercozi
Published by Big Life/Painted Word Music 2021
℗ & © Liquid Sound Design 2021


all rights reserved



Liquid Sound Design London, UK

In 1998, Youth (Martin Glover) decided to set up, LSD - Liquid Sound Design as Dragonfly's sister label, specialising in chilled out soundscapes, sonic beats and mellow grooves. LSD was as natural progression for Dragonfly keen to create an outlet for more experimental and down-tempo music as well as satisfying the demand for the post club chill out sounds. ... more

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